I-View Electrical Screen 200cms X 150cms(100″Digonal)

Electrical Screen200cms X 150cms(100″Digonal)-one year warranty

• i-View products satisfy the strictest quality and safety requirements in are CE
• Case (88x88mm) of steel with galvanized inner side and white (RAL 9016)
powder-coated outside, fitted with impact resistant plastic end caps.
• Matte White S: double-sided laminated vinyl on a woven fiberglass support
with black backing; gain 1.0, viewing angle 50º L/R, weight approx. 425 gr/m²
and thickness approx. 0.34 mm.
• Square format (1:1) has a black border of 2.5 cm on left/right side.
• Video (4:3) and HDTV (16:9) formats have a wide black border all around of 5
• Synchronous Motor is Provided with 17 RPM (revolutions per minute) and 90